Tipon: If you go with the detail defense counsel, then you have the detail defense counsel. That’s who the defense has.

Now, when you go out there and you’re deciding whether or not you’re going to retain a civilian counsel, who does the defense have to uncover the evidence for you and not against you? Who does the defense have? Well, the defense should go out there and not just do it themselves, but they should take the time to go hire a team of investigators and make sure that they have the same number of resources that the government has in prosecuting you.

Look, I’ll level with you. The government stacks the deck against you. They typically have a special victim’s prosecutor. They have a trial counsel that’s attached to the Battalion, or the Brigade. They even bring in a special victim’s counsel for the alleged victim in the case. They have a deputy SJA. They have an SJA for the Command. They typically have upwards of five lawyers on their trial team trying to put you in jail and convict you. Not to mention, they have an unlimited budget to investigate these crimes.

I’ve had cases where they have sent investigators to three different countries, four different states searching for the smallest piece of evidence. They’ve searched people’s backgrounds looking for ex-girlfriends from high school.

That’s the amount of resources that they’re willing to put in to convict you.

So, when you rely on just the detail defense counsel, that’s the fight that you’re up against. What you need to do is you need to find a defense lawyer who’s willing to put together a team not just of lawyers but investigators and experts and people who are knowledgeable on the field that can put together a defense that will exonerate you.

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