Interviewer: Noel, it seems that there’s a war even going on in the military, and that’s this topic of sexual assault. Why is it dominating the scene so much?

Tipon: You wouldn’t believe the amount of propaganda that is out there. Things like the Invisible War has infected the way that the military thinks about sex assault. And it hasn’t just affected the military, it’s affected Congress. It has infected the government.

Just recently, you’ve hear comments from Pres. Obama and Vice-Pres. Biden talking about what they want to see happen with military service members not convicted with sex assault but accused of sex assault. They want them dishonorable discharged.

Now, that has a significant effect on the leaders of the United States military. And when that comes forward, it changes how the people think about the prosecution of sex assault in the military.

You’ve seen it in the media today, and what you need is you need a team of lawyers who has seen that progression—from before there was a war on sex assault to today. You need to have a team on your side that understands how to change the mindset of those who are going to judge you and judge whether or not you’re guilty, or innocent because when you rely on someone who doesn’t have the experience and you rely on somebody who is beholding to the people in the military, you get a deficient military defense.

So, what you need to think about, what you need to figure out is whether or not you’re going to rely on what’s give to you, or you’re going to go out there and you’re going to hire the best defense team possible—somebody who’s willing to fight the system; someone who knows it from the inside-out, and someone who isn’t willing to just take what the military is going to give them but is willing to take the fight to the prosecution. Because that’s what it takes—the deck is stacked against you, and you just can’t "sit back and relax."

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