Interviewer: Can a person who’s being investigated for a crime really trust law enforcement to search for the truth?

Tipon: Look, this isn’t NCIS starring Mark Harmon. This isn’t CSI Miami. That’s all television. When law enforcement is investigating you and suspecting you of a crime, they’re out there to make a case for the prosecution. They don’t suspect you of being innocent. They suspect you of being guilty. And everything that they do, every step of the way is to build a case for the people they work for: the United States military. And what they’re trying to do is convict you and put you in jail.

So, is law enforcement who works for the military on your side? Are they really looking out for your best interest? Are they looking out for the truth? We like to hope so, but the reality of it is that they’re out there to get promoted. They’re out there to make a case so that you get convicted and you go to jail.

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