If you are facing a court martial, you are facing a reduction to E-1, total loss of pay, serious jail time, a punitive discharge from the military, possible sex offender registration and a whole host of other punishments that you are going to deal with for the rest of your life. When you are going into a situation like that, you need to have the best defense team possible fighting for you. Whether you go with your detailed military attorney or a civilian lawyer is serious choice that you are going to have to make, this may be one of the most important decisions of your life. If you are going into a court martial, where the government has an entire team of people working hard to put you in jail… make no doubt about it, they want you in jail or they would not be taking you to a court martial… you need the best defense team you can get to represent you. The number of cases we have tried to verdict simply cannot be compared to the number of trials your military attorney has done. Ask your military lawyer to give you the results of his last 10 jury trials. He or she probably cannot or will not. That should be a red flag right there. Our team has successfully tried over 100 cases, in front of military juries around the world, including Asia, the US, Europe and in theater. If you are going to a court martial, you want the biggest heavy hitters you can find to level the playing field and if possible, dominate the playing field.

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