If you are suspected of or charged with rape or sexual assault, you are facing serious jail time and sex offender registration. There is no question you need the biggest heavy hitters you can find to defend you. To be clear, the prosecution of sex crimes in the military has gotten out of control. The military has entered into what we call the "War on Sexual Assault" and are aggressively and blindly prosecuting nearly any Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine accused of a sex offense, often ignoring exculpatory forensic evidence and turning a blind eye towards lying witnesses. In many of the cases we see, the "victim’s" version of events is uncorroborated and contradicted by indisputable facts, yet the military still goes forward. A military member in this situation needs a seasoned and battle-tested lawyer to fight on their behalf and defeat the sex crime charges against them. Defending a person accused of a sex crime is serious business. In the Army, the prosecution will be lead by a Special Victim Prosecutor who exclusively prosecutes sex crimes cases. For an SVP, their experience in trying these cases is exceeded only by their fanaticism. Often, to the SVP who is waging the war against sexual assault and trying to put you in prison, it is not a case, it's a cause. In the other services, they typically bring in their most experienced prosecutors to put you in jail. How experienced is your current military lawyer? When you go to trial, are you essentially walking in

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