If you are suspected of, or facing a court martial in Okinawa or mainland Japan, you already know that military justice in Japan is significantly different than in the US. Between unique policy letters, the host nation issues between the Marines and the GOJ, the zero tolerance policy on Spice and the over prosecution of sexual assaults, hiring a civilian attorney who is unfamiliar with the military in Japan could be a costly mistake. Headquartered in Honolulu, HI, we travel to mainland Japan and Okinawa on almost a monthly basis to defend service members facing serious court martials. We have lead the charge in zealously fighting “Spice” cases as well as the multitude of “he said she said” rape cases that involve alcohol and often originate down on gate 2 street. We know the area, know the commands, know the law enforcement agents, know the prosecutors, and know the military judges. More importantly, most of them know us. Simply look at our last 100 case results and see how many service members we have successfully defended in Japan and leverage this experience to your benefit. If you are suspected of or facing a court martial out in Japan, contact us immediately and leverage our specific Japan experience to level the playing field and give you a fighting chance.

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