One of the most common questions we get is “Will hiring a civilian attorney make me look guilty.” If you are under investigation, suspected of a crime or have already been charged and you are asking yourself that question, let me give you a reality check. Your command, law enforcement and the prosecutors already think you are guilty. Would you rather hire an experienced civilian lawyer and “look guilty” and keep your freedom or not hire a civilian attorney, still “look guilty,” be found guilty at trial, than be thinking about this question from inside a jail cell. The reality is that no attorney can guarantee an outcome of a case, but hiring the most experienced lawyer you can find, as early as possible, may be the best decision you have ever made. We can protect your rights throughout the law enforcement investigation, conduct our own independent investigation, negotiate with commands and prosecutors and often keep you from ever being charged. If you do get charged, our team will ensure that you are zealously represented at trial so that even if you do “look guilty” you have a legitimate shot at being found “not guilty.” No matter what state of the proceeding you are in, if you are serious about fighting the charges against you, contact the BLG immediately.

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