Look at cases like the OJ or Casey Anthony, they did not just have one attorney representing them, they assembled a team of the biggest heavy hitters they could put together to zealously defend them. Look at their results. Make no doubt about it In the military, you get detailed one, often inexperienced, military lawyer to represent you. The military prosecutors, on the other hand, have an entire team dedicated get you convicted and put in jail. This typically includes the prosecutors, the senior trial counsel, an O-4 the chief of justice, an O-5 deputy staff judge advocate and an O-6 staff judge advocate. If it is a serious case, like rape, child pornography or attempted murder, the military will often fly in a team of hand picked special prosecutors from Washington DC from an organization called TCAP to try the case and get you convicted. If you think you can walk into court with only an inexperienced military counsel, take on the entire prosecution team, and win… I wish you luck. At the BLG, I have hand picked and assembled what I believe is the best military criminal defense team in the world. Combined, we have over 40 years of experience in defending court martial cases and we put our entire team behind you in your defense. Ask yourself, when your future is on the line, do you want one lawyer, or a team of heavy hitters to level the playing field. If you are serious about defending the charges against, contact our firm immediately.

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