The Bilecki & Tipon Team

Defending Service Members in Hawaii, Korea & Japan From Extreme Sentencing and Abusive Government Tactics

Bilecki &Tipon LLLC is a team of experienced state court and court martial defense attorneys that have dedicated their lives to defending service members, both in Hawaii and across the Pacific Rim. Military personnel, regardless of branch or rank, deserve a defense team that knows how to put up a fight.

We’re not going to ask you to plead guilty. We’re going to help you win.

Our law firm is selective, taking on tough cases where our client stands to lose everything, from their freedom to their future. Not every case warrants one of the nation’s top military law defense teams. But when the government stacks the odds against you, or when an abusive spouse hires a legal team to ruin your finances, that’s when calling Bilecki & Tipon matters.

We live and work here in Hawaii, home to one of the largest collections of U.S. military bases in the world. Our families are here, and it’s likely that yours are, too. Our mission is to protect you and your family from false charges, extreme allegations, and a growing culture of lies and misinformation within the military justice system. You deserve to be treated with respect as a U.S. service member facing an alleged crime. You should not be treated like a criminal that has already been convicted.

Our team consists of a handful of top-notch court martial lawyers and litigators, as well as a support staff of world-class forensic specialists, investigators, and trial consultants. The Bilecki & Tipon team is led by Timothy J. Bilecki and Noel Tipon, both U.S. military veterans and experts in military law.

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Timothy J. Bilecki

Managing Partner of Bilecki & Tipon, Mr. Bilecki is an experienced court martial defense lawyer who represents Service Members accused of serious crimes anywhere in the world.

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Noel Tipon

Noel Tipon is an international criminal defense lawyer based in Honolulu, Hawaii who defends US Military service members worldwide.

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Michael Waddington

Michael Waddington, one of the most renowned military defense attorneys in the world, is a Trial Consultant to Bilecki & Tipon, LLLC.

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