Level the Playing Field

How a Hawaii Military Attorney Fights Back

As experienced military attorneys, we are fully informed as to the tactics used by military law enforcement and prosecutors. If you are suspected of a crime, or have been charged with one, you will need an accomplished and hardworking Hawaii court martial defense attorney to help you level the playing field.

Here are the basic steps we take:

  • In-Person Meeting with Client and Initial Investigation: Other firms often overlook this step but we have found it an essential ingredient to forming the winning strategy for a case. Most other civilian defense firms will only meet clients initially over the phone. They rarely, if ever, conduct their own investigation of the case.
  • Investigation: There is simply no way to effectively cross-examine a CID, NCIS or OSI agent properly without visiting or documenting the crime scene, locations where evidence was obtained or the interrogation room. We do not depend on law enforcement to document evidence, especially if it threatens their guilty verdict. We are meticulous in our investigation of the details we discover. Our presentation of our findings at the Article 32 hearing immediately informs witnesses that we will not be deceived or trapped by lies.
  • Article 32 Hearing: The Article 32 hearing will determine if the case continues to trial or not. Thorough and effective preparation may lead to dismissal at this stage. When it does not, however, a skilled defense attorney will not give away his defense strategy to the prosecution at this step, but will use it to set the stage for an effective trial.
  • Cross Examination at Trial: This is the most important step to winning a case and you will want an attorney who has accomplished a mastery of this skill. Powerful cross-examination begins with thorough and insightful investigation. You do not want an attorney who is still cutting his teeth on this vital step.

Court Martial Defense Lawyer in Hawaii

The outcome of your case will affect your future and the future of your family. You want to ensure that you have a battle-tested defense team fighting on your behalf. Our firm is committed. No one fights harder than we do for our clients.

Contact a Hawaii military lawyer at Bilecki & Tipon LLLC. We serve clients worldwide and we know how to level the playing field for you.