Violent Crime Defense in Hawaii

Are You Facing an Aggravated Assault Charge or Other Similar Charges in State or Military Court?

Accusations that involve a violent crime often call for serious firepower in court. We’re talking about charges of manslaughter, assault, and premeditated murder. Hawaii state courts and the military’s judicial system will leave no stone unturned in a bid to secure a guilty verdict. It’s up to you to decide which defense counsel here in Hawaii has the knowledge, the experience, and the guts required to hit the ground running and take on your case from the get-go.

Everything is at stake. Your military career, your reputation, your finances, even your freedom are all on the line. A discount lawyer located in Hawaii or some recent law school grad that you’re detailed by the military isn’t going to cut it here. Only the toughest legal team can stop the prosecution in its tracks and secure the best possible outcome for you in court.

UCMJ Assault, Manslaughter, and Murder Charges: Article 128, 118, and 119

Our team has defended service members here in Hawaii from court martial cases involving assault, manslaughter, and murder. Our case history is proof that we go into every case with the intention of winning. If you’re looking for a defense counsel whose only advice is to tell you to plead guilty, we aren’t the law firm for you.

To date we’ve assisted clients with charges of:

  • Assault under UCMJ Article 128: All forms of assault are covered under Article 128, including both aggravated assault and assault with a deadly weapon. Sentencing for assault can include a dishonorable discharge, large fines, and years of incarceration. Charges will likely be brought against you regardless of whether you acted in self-defense.
  • Manslaughter under UCMJ Article 119: A charge that isn’t as grave as murder, but equally punishing if your defense counsel cannot properly prepare your narrative in the courtroom. A service member accused of manslaughter may not have intended to kill anyone. But if your defense attorney cannot persuade a jury to believe this, you will be convicted.
  • Murder under UCMJ Article 118: Premeditated murder is a deliberate and planned act prepared in advanced. A service member could also be charged with murder while participating in another crime, such as rape, burglary, or arson, if it’s proven in court that the service member showed a reckless indifference for human life. If convicted, you could easily be facing life in prison.

Being Found Guilty of Any One of These Charges Could Ruin Your Military Career and Your Life

Bilecki & Tipon LLLC provides aggressive legal representation in cases involving these and other charges where violence was a key factor. We’ve successfully defended many service members from these accusations and are prepared to do so for you. Our initial goal upon taking on any client is to secure a not-guilty verdict. When this is simply not an option we look for other means of attaining a victory in court.

Your choice in a court martial attorney could mean the difference between a guilty and a not-guilty verdict, or a few months in prison and a decade of hard time. That is a gamble that no one should be willing to make. If you’ve been accused of assault or murder, contact the law firm of Bilecki & Tipon LLLC immediately for an initial consultation and a discussion into your particular case. (800) 996-9747.