Sexual Assault Defense In Hawaii

Court Martial Attorneys that Understand What’s At Stake for Service Members Accused of Sex Crimes

The second you’re accused of a sexual assault violation in the U.S. Military, you’ll receive no quarter and no mercy. From the time you first set foot in the interrogation room to moment when the final verdict of your case is read in court, you’ll be Public Enemy #1. Your previous service, your perfect military record, your outstanding awards—it all gets tossed out the window when law enforcement tells you that you’re being investigated for sex crimes under Article 120 of the UCMJ.

These charges faced under the current “climate” prevalent in the military aren’t something to be smirked at. Of all the accusations that a service member could be charged with, a sexual assault violation is one of the most devastating. The government will throw everything they have at you—legal experts, forensic specialists, their bottomless budget—all because the senior leadership in Washington D.C. is pulling strings and putting pressure on military command to secure more and more criminal convictions.

You Deserve to Know the Truth

Not even five years ago, the likelihood of you being charged with a sexual assault crime would’ve been far, far less likely. Everything has changed in recent years. Political forces in Washington are hell bent on keeping up appearances of a “War on Sexual Assault.” Service members find themselves being used as pawns in a larger political numbers game, where the command with the highest number of sexual assault prosecutions receives the prize.

This disturbing trend has forced innocent men to jail and left others with disastrous and lifelong repercussions. These men face charges as harsh as a decade or more in prison, as well as entry into the nation’s database of sex offenders. The cost of this kind of sentencing can’t be measured in thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. If you’re charged and sentenced for a sexual assault case, you could be facing the ramifications to your pay and job opportunities for the rest of your life.

No One is Above Being Accused of a Sexual Assault in the Military

While the “War on Sexual Assault” rages on within military units across the globe, a new kind of threat is creating even more trouble. Today it’s more common than ever before to see sexual assault accusations fly from every corner and every branch of the military. Whether you’re a recruit, a sergeant, a major or a 4-star general, no one is safe from these allegations.

It isn’t a coincidence that this explosive number of accusations and the “War on Sexual Assault” appeared at around the same time. “Victims” of this war receive serious benefits that are often just too good to pass up.

For instance, as a sexual assault victim or victim of a rape, you have the ability to:

  • Secure an honorable discharge from the military—no questions asked
  • Immediately transfer out of your base to a base of your choosing
  • Receive financial compensation as a sexual assault victim under MTRS

Furthermore, in cases involving a male-on-male sexual encounter, it’s extremely common to have the assault perpetrator claim that he was the victim in order to “save face” and avoid having to answer for his actions. In this case, pride is reason enough to falsely claim victim status in a sexual assault case.

Don’t Expect Law Enforcement to Take You at Your Word

Law enforcement isn’t here to help you. They’re here to find evidence supporting the victim’s statements—not yours. It doesn’t matter whether you’re innocent or guilty. All they want from you is a confession, so they can move on to the next case. In their eyes, you’re already guilty of sexual assault and deserve what you get.

This is unfortunately just the beginning of your troubles. You’ll be interrogated, told how hopeless your situation is, and “politely” asked to incriminate yourself, either through a polygraph test or an interrogation. Meanwhile, they’re building a case against you using the DNA evidence they found at the crime scene, as well as additional testimony and witnesses. This is all too common in today’s world and your only chance at a not guilty verdict is to hire a court martial defense counsel that specializes in sexual assault cases.

Your Best and Last Hope Rests With Your Chosen Court Martial Attorney

The military sexual assault lawyers of Bilecki & Tipon LLLC understands what you’re up against. You’ll be facing SVPs with years of experience trying sexual assault cases, a biased and often corrupt law enforcement, witnesses that are biased against you, and expert forensic specialists with access to some of the most elite lab facilities in the nation. With Bilecki & Tipon LLLC, you can tip the scales in your favor.

You have one shot at trial. You can either fight the allegations against you, or find yourself just another statistic in the government’s abusive “War Against Sexual Assault.” Don’t give the government the satisfaction of another victory in court.

We’re available to discuss your case 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at (800) 996-9747. Waiting for the government to make the first move could be a disaster. Retain our law firm and start fighting your charges TODAY.