Third-Party Polygraph Tests in Hawaii

Taking a Law Enforcement Polygraph Test Can Land You in Prison

If you’ve been accused of a crime here in Hawaii and you’re being pressed by military law enforcement to take a polygraph test, it’s imperative that you decline and contact a defense attorney immediately. These tests will not prove your innocence and will only be used as a tool to secure a confession.

The law firm of Bilecki & Tipon has seen just about every trick in the government’s playbook, and the polygraph is one of the most nefarious of these. These polygraph tests have zero relevance in a courtroom. Their only use is to fool service members into confessing before they have a chance to speak with a lawyer. These service members are stressed out, nervous, and will do anything to prove their innocence. But even if they take the law enforcement’s polygraph test and it shows they’re telling the truth, law enforcement can still claim that they failed the test in a bid to secure a confession early on.

Chances are that if you’ve been brought in for questioning, law enforcement already thinks you’re guilty. That leaves you with one option: invoke your right of silence and contact a defense lawyer as soon as humanly possible.

Make No Mistake: CID, NCIS and OSI Do Not Have Your Back

The only people that can prove your innocence in an investigation is your defense team, and that isn’t going to happen overnight. Therefore we recommend that all service members stationed here in Hawaii or elsewhere follow three golden rules when it comes to taking government polygraph tests.

These rules are:

  • Never speak to law enforcement about a crime. Never. You’ll be desperate to prove your innocence and they know it. They’ll use your desperation to convict you of the crime, even if you didn’t do it.
  • If you’re asked to take a polygraph test, refuse and ask to speak with a lawyer. If they say that refusing to take a polygraph will make you look guilty, ignore them and say you want to speak with a lawyer.
  • Never ASK to take a polygraph test. Law enforcement agents will love you because you’re making their job ten times easier. And even if the results come back that you’re telling the truth, it cannot be used in court to secure your innocence.

Your Innocence Rests on Your Defense Team, Not Your Polygraph Results

We can’t count the number of times that a service member has come to us saying that they passed their polygraph test but were still charged with a crime. That’s because these tests are used to deceive, nothing more.

For all of the reasons above, we recommend that all service members who wish to take a polygraph test do so in the safety of a friendly setting. The Bilecki & Tipon law firm has access to polygraph experts who can perform their own polygraph tests at a service member’s request. If the test results are in your favor, then there’s a chance that we can use them to help you avoid charges.

Don’t play law enforcement’s game. Call Bilecki & Tipon LLLC TODAY at (808) 996-9747 and reserve your polygraph test before formal charges are made against you.