Larceny And Financial Fraud Defense Lawyer in Hawaii

Bilecki & Tipon Will Fight to Prove Your Innocence No Matter How Severe These Charges Are

You’ve been accused of larceny, financial fraud, or both. Worse, the prosecution claims they have the proof they need to secure a conviction. They’ve successfully kept you in the dark about what to expect; they may have even pressured you to come clean and confess your crimes.

It’s no secret that the military pursues larceny and financial fraud charges with the same tenacity as sexual assault and aggravated assault violations. They’ll want to ensure you’re convicted and charged to the full extent of the law in order to dissuade others from acting on the same impulses. Should you be found guilty, it’s not just your military career they’ll tear apart. It’s your entire future.

The law firm of Bilecki & Tipon LLLC has seen how aggressively the government works over service members accused of larceny and fraud charges. We also know that the methods employed by the government to identify and eventually convict these service members are often borderline legal. If you want to fight the charges against you, you’ll need court martial defense attorneys capable of pointing out the weak spots in the government’s arguments, and creating enough doubt in the jury to secure a verdict in your favor.

Is Your Defense Attorney Up For the Task of Taking on the Government's A-Team?

The court martial defense attorney detailed to your case may not have the experience and tenacity to take on the prosecutorial team that the government is preparing against you. The prosecution will be well staffed, well prepared, and motivated to see you led off in handcuffs. The same may not be said for your attorney.

The alternative is to hire a civilian defense counsel with a track record of defending and winning larceny and financial fraud cases. These defense teams don’t come cheap, but they more than pay for themselves when you tally up how much you stand to lose.

Face Your Charges With a Court Martial Team That Knows How To Fight Back

Bilecki & Tipon LLLC has a history of fighting—and winning—larceny and financial fraud charges. We’ve seen the tactics that the government uses to convict service members of these types of crimes. We also know that with the right preparation, which can include our own investigation as well as testimony from our own witnesses and forensic experts, we can often undermine the government’s narrative, either securing a not-guilty verdict or a dramatic reduction in both charges and sentencing. No matter what kind of charges you’re facing and no matter how much evidence there is against you, you deserve a fighting chance. You deserve the best legal defense team out there.

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