High Profile Cases in Hawaii

Your Case Could Go Viral in Less Than 24 Hours. Is Your Legal Defense Team Prepared?

A single member of congress, a handful of social media chatter, a video on YouTube—any one of them could turn your case into a viral affair, exploding across media outlets and turning you into the poster child of whatever crime you allegedly committed. Within hours, your case is being discussed everywhere in Hawaii and abroad.

The Bilecki & Tipon LLLC attorney team has worked on or discussed high profile cases that have made their way onto Fox News, CNN, USA Today, E! Entertainment and news affiliates in Hawaii. These cases involved tact, a knowledge of media relations, and above all, haste. We perform interviews, send out press releases, and ensure that our talking points are the ones being discussed—and not those of the prosecution.

Unparalled Experience in Media Relations

Few defense attorneys can claim they have a background in media relations and journalism. Fewer still can say they’ve won cases that involved heavy media influences. In the end, it all comes down to experience and who you know—and Bilecki & Tipon brings both of these critical aspects of success to each and every high profile case we take on.

Our contact list across all media outlets has grown in recent years, from Hawaii-based journalists and bloggers to specialists with media experience. Everyone in our corner is comfortable in front of a camera and has talking points prepared well in advance. The same can’t always be said of our competition, which can be easily flustered by even the slightest media presence. In fact, military defense counsel is prohibited from discussing the case with members of the media, even when it may be helpful to your case. This could potentially devastate your reputation, even if you win your case.

We defend your character and your case, both inside and outside of court.

You can’t control when or if the media suddenly takes up your case. What you can control however is your choice of a defense team. Having Bilecki & Tipon retained means your case can be well received by the media from the very start. And if you’re already struggling with serious media scrutiny, we can help mitigate the fallout and set the narrative from here until the end of trial.

Don’t be caught off guard by a sudden and unexpected media explosion. Call the Bilecki & Tipon team today at (800) 996-9747. We’re based right here in Hawaii, just like you, and we’ll make sure the public hears your side of the story, and not the prosecution’s!