Military Drug Crimes Lawyer in Hawaii

The Government is Coming Down Hard on Service Members Accused of Drug Crimes

You’re a suspect caught in the government’s crosshairs. According to military law enforcement, evidence points to your involvement in a drug crime, either the possession, use, or the sale of drugs in your area. Individuals that once respected you as a fellow U.S. service member have now turned their back on you. Suddenly you’re an outcast, and the service you’ve provided to your country seems to matter not one iota to anyone else but you.

If you’re being tried here in Hawaii for the use, possession, or trafficking of illegal substances, then the above may sound very familiar to you. With the “War on Drugs” in full force, even petty offenses are brought to court martial with the intent of harshly sentencing the accused, all in a bid by the government to scare off others from committing the same crimes.

Hiring a sub-par legal defense simply isn’t a sound option when you look at everything that’s at stake. This could include months of lost pay, a dishonorable discharge, and years of imprisonment. You’re best recourse is to hire lawyers with a proven track record of protecting service members against such charges; experienced individuals that can tell your side of the story to the jury, while demolishing the prosecution’s evidence in the process.

Bilecki & Tipon LLLC aggressively fights drug charges and the service members affected by them.

Bilecki & Tipon LLLC understands the lengths that law enforcement and their allies in court will go to secure a conviction. For example, not long ago, Mr. Bilecki took on a case in Okinawa, Japan, where he discovered that a CID agent had fraudulently altered a “Consent and Search” form after his client had signed it. And this is just one example of government abuse in a larger picture of corruption and scandal.

Your case is unique and will have its own set of hurdles to maneuver past. It may involve drug possession, use, or distribution. Other times the team at Bilecki & Tipon LLLC must identify whether the controlled substance was knowingly ingested by the accused. And in cases where a sting operation was involved, our legal team is intent on discovering just how wide the net was that investigators used, and whether you were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Your future is at stake. Who will you choose to defend it?

Drug charges are complex cases that require an extensive amount of experience, street smarts, and know-how to combat effectively. And thanks to the current zero-tolerance culture we currently have in place to deal with accused drug criminals, it’s all the more imperative that you choose a gunslinger that will fight for your cause and keep the worst sentencing from ever being realized.

Do not risk your future on a trumped up drug charge. Call us TODAY and together we’ll take the fight to the prosecution. Call us 27/7 at (800) 996-9747.