Desertion Military Defense Lawyer in Hawaii

Are You Being Tried for Desertion or AWOL in Hawaii?

Accusations of AWOL or desertion can lead to an immediate court martial, even on American soil here in Hawaii. Worse, these court martial cases can quickly spiral out of control without the support of a legal team that has taken them on before. Command is rarely interested in the why of a desertion or AWOL. All they care about is turning you into an example to others on how not to act. This means ramping up the sentencing, all in an attempt to punish a service member that may have acted out of extreme circumstances.

Bilecki & Tipon LLLC believes you deserve to have your entire story told. Our mission is to get to the bottom of your intentions, and then identify a defense strategy with the greatest likelihood of a not-guilty verdict or a mitigated sentencing.

Intentions Matter in an AWOL or Desertion Case

AWOL and desertion are often paired together into a single definition, but legally they’re two very different crimes:

  • With Desertion, the service member intended to remain away permanently. Avoidance in this case could be anything from a monthly drill and mandatory training to deployment. The prosecution will often attempt to tie a service member to a desertion charge in order to enact the harshest sentencing possible.
  • AWOL cases aren’t as severe, and usually involve some form of an absence where the intent is not to remain away permanently. The service member in this case didn’t intend to remain away from their duty permanently. The cause of this could be an emotional breakdown, trauma or PTSD.

Every Desertion or AWOL situation is unique, but in many cases, the defense’s mission is to stop the prosecution from proving that the service member intended to remain away permanently.

Time is not on your side during an AWOL or desertion investigation.

The government doesn’t take desertion or AWOL charges lightly, and will come at you with everything it has to secure a conviction. Ignoring the charges leveled at you by the government will only make matters worse.

Bilecki & Tipon LLLC believes that every service member deserves the benefit of the doubt. We want to understand the context surrounding your absence, whether it’s related to family issues, drug or medical concerns, or something in between. The sooner we understand, the sooner we can start building a case in your favor; a case that can convince the jury of your innocence.

Don’t wait a minute longer to contact a lawyer if you’ve been charged with desertion or AWOL. Call us TODAY at (800) 996-9747 to learn more about how Bilecki & Tipon LLLC defends its clients against extreme and unjust government sentencing of AWOL or desertion charges.