Court Martial Confession Defense in Hawaii

Confession Cases Are More Common Than You'd Think

Bilecki & Tipon LLLC is no stranger to cases where the lead suspect has made a false confession to military law enforcement. False confessions may seem strange to an outsider, but the accused individual is almost always motivated to make such a statement, either for their own protection or the protection of someone else.

Some of the most common reasons why an individual would give a false confession include covering up for another service member, being manipulated by law enforcement, and having stressful interrogation techniques performed when the service member is under extreme pressure. Regardless of your own reasoning for providing a false confession, it’s critical that you understand that you haven’t been proven guilty yet in court.

Court martial cases in Hawaii that involve a false confession are won and lost based on the defense’s ability answer the “why” of that confession for the jury. The answer could be based on stress, manipulation, or any other reason. If the defense convinces the jury that the decision was made under extreme circumstances, then the confession aspect of the case will be dropped and your chances of a not-guilty verdict become much more likely.

Confessions are difficult - but not impossible - to fight in court.

The Bilecki & Tipon law firm has a history of fighting—and winning—cases where the accused has confessed to his or her supposed crimes. We’ve succeeded thanks to proper planning, effective investigative techniques, and strong evidence gathering skills. The right evidence, along with a convincing legal defense team and its knowledge of interrogation techniques, can very well bring the jury to disregard the confession entirely.

As mentioned earlier, this is no simple task. But we’ve done it before and we can do it again. The primary objective is to identify exactly where law enforcement went “too far” in securing their false confession. And because CID, NCIS and OSI have a history of abusive and over-the-top interrogation methods, such extreme methods are usually easy to spot.

Don't allow your own words to convict you. Fight for your conviction with the Bilecki & Tipon team.

By now you know how difficult this battle will be. It will take patience, dedication, and a hard-hitting defense team to advocate for you in court. Should you be convicted of this crime in Hawaii, your military career, your finances, and your freedom could all be at stake.

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