Child Pornography Defense in Hawaii

Attorneys Defending Service Members Accused of Possessing or Distributing Child Pornography

Service members accused of possessing or distributing child pornography cannot leave anything to chance during a court martial. Sentencing is often extremely harsh and you’ll have very few allies both inside and outside the military. If you’re found guilty of a child pornography charge, you could face years in prison, a dishonorable discharge, and forced registration as a sex offender, all of which could have a dramatic and lasting effect on your future.

Crimes of child pornography cannot be ignored and the stakes are simply too high to leave your verdict up to the JAG Corps or some discount Hawaii court martial lawyer. The money you’ll save during trial doesn’t even compare to the years of income you’ll lose either to jail time or a lack of job opportunities. This is why service members that are serious about fighting such charges need to seek out the most qualified and experienced defense team on the Islands.

Nothing Short Of A Gunslinger Can Defend You Against Child Pornography Charges

The Bilecki & Tipon LLLC team understands what it takes to win child pornography cases and has over a decade of experience fighting such charges. Over the years we’ve identified three central questions which we use to defend service members from such charges:

  • Did law enforcement have a legal right to search the home and/or computers?
  • Are the images actually child pornography?
  • Was the service member aware that child pornography was even on the computer?

These questions are a good start, but they’ll do no good without a computer forensic expert capable of finding the answers. No defense team worth its salt would even consider going into a fully contested child pornography court martial trial without hiring their own forensic expert first. Relying on evidence discovered by the prosecution’s expert can be devastating.

Clients of Bilecki & Tipon have the ability to retain their own digital forensic experts to assist us with cases. We’ve also had outside help from some of the most prestigious computer forensic experts in the country. These experts will review all hard drive data for deleted files, time stamps, file properties, and user information, in a bid to identify whether or not our client actually committed the offenses. They’ll also work to determine whether a case for reasonable doubt can be made.

Your Choice in a Defense Team Could Ultimately Decide Your Future

If you’re found guilty of possessing or distributing child pornography, you’ll forever live under its shadow. You must act quickly if you intended to fight off these charges. Bilecki & Tipon understands just how difficult these cases are, which is why we’ve spent years developing a strategy to win them.

Don’t get caught in court with a defense team that tells you to plead guilty. Fight the charges made against you with one of the most prestigious defense teams in Hawaii. Contact the Bilecki & Tipon law firm TODAY at (800) 996-9747 and take the first step toward exoneration.