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Defending Members of the Armed Services in Court Across the State of Hawaii

We’re passionate about helping service members and veterans that are facing extreme and often unjust legal battles, both in military courts and state courts here in Hawaii. We believe in taking on cases that would otherwise be easy victories for the prosecution. We help underdogs, lost causes, and hopeless victims of a supposedly just system turn the tides of their legal battle and secure positive outcomes, both for themselves and their families.

Hawaii is our home and our base of operations. And due to its massive military presence, there is no shortage of potential clients that want to work with us. While we would love to help every service member that comes to us, the truth is we can only commit to a small group of individuals each year. These are service members facing serious military and familial legal battles, and understand fully what’s at stake if they lose.

If you have a case that you know won’t be an easy victory, and you’ve got enough fight in you to see it through to the end, then we want to hear from you. The investment you make in your defense team today can forever alter your career and your life tomorrow. Make a decision that counts. Hire the Bilecki & Tipon LLLC today and fight for a just outcome for you and those you love.

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