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As a service member, you deserve a fighting chance in court…

As a service member, you’re owed the right to tell your side of the story…

And as a service member that’s honorably defended your country, you’re future depends on a defense counsel that will hit the trial floor with guns blazing.

Settling for anything less than this is synonymous with giving up. Allowing law enforcement walk all over you before the trial has even begun is akin to giving up. Letting the prosecution go unchecked as they prepare their witnesses, evidence, and testimony against you is akin to giving up. Allowing some recent law school graduate to defend you in court is akin to giving up.

But you're not here to give up. You're here to fight.

You didn’t stumble upon this website by accident. You’re here deliberately because you know that if you don’t find the best legal defense counsel possible, then you could be facing harsh sentencing that could destroy your future and your life.

Never mind the loss of rank, dishonorable discharge, and the damage to your reputation. You could be going to jail. You could be facing status as a sex offender until the day you die.

This isn’t the time to let matters settle themselves. Now more than ever, you can’t “hope away” the charges against you, and you certainly can’t roll back the clock. The way we see it you have two options: fight every last charge against you, or to accept them and likely regret it for the rest of your life.

The prosecution thinks you're outnumbered and outgunned. Until they see us.

The government expects you to put up a token resistance. They expect you to accept the court martial attorney that’s been detailed to you, and then plead guilty once you realize that the evidence, the testimony, and the facts all point to the same thing: your guilt. After all, it’s their biased law enforcement that collects all the evidence. It’s their forensic experts that test that evidence in their own labs. And it’s their endless supply of researchers and paralegals that create the narrative against you.

What they don’t expect is that you'll go out of your way to hire a gunslinger to fight for you in court.

Gunslingers are the rare civilian defense counsels that actually get the prosecution to work for their verdicts. They hate us because they know that when we show up in court, all of a sudden their 90% conviction rate is in jeopardy. They know that we don’t show up planning to plead our clients guilty. We come to a court martial intending to win.

Bilecki & Tipon: A Service Member's Last Line of Defense

Mr. Bilecki and Mr. Tipon are U.S. Military Veterans that have dedicated their civilian lives to defending service members against government overreach both in state and criminal court, and court martial cases in Hawaii and around the globe. We deliver premium advocacy that is second to no one. Our goal is to level the playing field against an abusive government that sets its service members up for failure in court. Finally, we believe that every service member deserves a sound and aggressive defense, no matter how dire their situation is.

We defend service members against the following, and other crimes under the UCMJ:

We represent service members and civilians facing criminal charges in Hawaii state court. We also represent individuals in Hawaii with matters involving divorce, alimony, child support, and immigration. For more information about our firm, visit our About Us page.

You Owe It to Yourself to Select the Best Legal Counsel Possible

It’s ultimately up to you to decide whether to fight the charges made against you or be swept away by them. The government’s 90% conviction rate is a product of not enough accused individuals taking active steps to enlist the services of an aggressive and hard-hitting civilian defense counsel. As a service member or veteran stationed in Hawaii, Korea, Okinawa, mainland Japan, or throughout the world, you owe it to yourself to beat the odds and win your case.

Don’t become just another statistic. Fight alongside the Bilecki & Tipon team of court martial defense lawyers today. Together, we’ll take the battle to the prosecution and secure a fair and just verdict in court.

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